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Morning in Sarajevo

Written on: Sunday August 12th, 2007

A journal entry from: Summer Travels 2007

Sarajevo is not off to a good start.

We got in at 6am and could not figure out where we were on the map to get to our hostel.  In hopes a coffee would help, we had a coffee, but still no luck.  We asked some lady and she led us in the wrong direction back to the train station.  We asked at information and they put us onto a tram.  While we were waiting for the tram some man exposed himself to us... ewwww... so we went and sat by the ticketbooth.  There were tons of people around as well.  How gross!!!  Eventually we made it to our hostel, which is well away from the station thank goodness!!

It is really cool here.. a lot of the buildings have been bombed out and are partially destroyed from the war.  A lot are also really rundown.  The old town is really cool... lots of little buildings where people are making and selling crafts, jewellery shops, clothing shops, shoe shops, and tons and tons of cafes!!  The food is fantastic and really cheap.

We were staying at a guesthouse which is right in the centre of the old town but was quite overpriced...?20 per night which is a bit obscene.  It was a great location though!  So Vikki took a nap and I wandered the old town and had a coffee and stuff.  Then went back and woke her up and we did another wander around the town and had coffee and some food. 

Don't worry, Mom and Dad... the Old Town is safe... the people are all normal either tourists or just those trying to make a living.  Lots of nice pedestrian streets, markets and cafes.  Am just about to go check those out!