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Written on: Friday August 10th, 2007

A journal entry from: Summer Travels 2007

We arrived in Zagreb, Croatia this morning.  Its basically a shit hole.  Lots of drab, grey buildings and not a whole lot else, to be honest. 

We had to be up at 6am to get the bus this morning and the room that we moved into in our hostel was terrible - it was right on the street and really noisy with the window open and stuffy with the window closed so we didnt get much sleep. 

When we got here the hostel was closed for cleaning but they let us leave our bags which was oh so kind.  Hahah.  Then we have walked around the city for a bit and went to the market... theres a big fruit and veg market and for about $5 we got 1kg of apples, 2 grapefruits, lettuce, 1/2kg tomatoes, 2 peppers, 2 tins of tuna and 1/2kg carrots.  So basically we have a lot of food to make a huuuge salad for dinner with.  Its really cheap here but I dont think thats going to last when we hit the south of Croatia.

The market was basically the Lonely Planet highlight of Zabreb... mwahah.  However, there are 36 museums and galleries here... total random ones such as the Museum of Visual Arts (well it does have to be something to look at!), Croatian Schools Museum (are their schools reallz that interesting?), Hunting Museum and the list goes on.   A bit of shopping, which is also quite cheap compared to London but unfortunately nothing that I was dying to buy.  Theres a cathedral but its under reconstruction so covered in cranes and stuff and I think that about sums it up!!

We are just glad that we didnt book anymore time here.  We are taking the overnight bus to Sarajevo tomorrow (thank god!).


From Bob on Oct 31st, 2008

You are right . Zagreb is a shithole compared to London. However, I noticed you are from Langley, BC. Guess what, I've spent 10 years in Vancouver and I've seen Langley. HAving said that, in your opinion Langley isn't a shithole??? It's a bigger shithole than Zagreb :-)