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Written on: Thursday August 9th, 2007

A journal entry from: Summer Travels 2007

This morning we decided to day trip to a place called Bled.  Its meant to be quite a popular tourist destination and theres a lake and surprise surprise a church and a castle.  Basically as soon as we got there it stated pissing down, complete with thunder and lightning.  Again, refuge in a cafe.  Thankfully the storm cleared after about an hour or so and the sun came out.  We took the tourist train around the lake and took some photos then decided to walk around the lake.  Vikki went for a swim - the water is really green and clean.  We then just laid in the sun for the rest of the afternoon and got back here in time to move rooms in our hostel (how convenient...grrr).

Speaking of hostels!  I think this hostel, Alibi Hostel must be one of the worst hostels that I have ever stayed in.  I dont know HOW it ever received a top hostel award because its absolutely shit!!!  The only thing it has going for it is its location which is along the river in the Old Town right in the midst of all the bars.  However, thats where the good stuff ends!!!  The rooms are stuffy... the beds are horrid - our bunk bed shook SO much I seriously thought it was going to break in the middle of the night.  Theres air con downstairs in the reception but nowhere else and keeping the windows shut seems to be the thing to do.  There are plenty of showers but they are all either missing a shower head or have no lights in them.  There also tends to be no hot water.  There is no kitchen and it is definitely a no fun hostel.  They ran out of towels (grrr), the staff is rude, and tonight Vikkis bed had all the dirty sheets still on it.  Ewwww yuck.  Highly do not reccomend it!!

Anyways thats about enough for now... theres a huge queue of people waiting for the internet so Im going to leave it at this.  Our bus is at 7.30am tomorrow so were going to head to bed pretty early tonight!!