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Written on: Wednesday August 8th, 2007

A journal entry from: Summer Travels 2007

So the trip begins in Ljubljana, Slovenia.  We arrived yesterday afternoon/evening with just enough time for drinks, dinner, a wander and bed. 

Yesterday we got up earlyish and went for breakfast then just did a wander through the Old Town.  Ljubljana is really small - you can basically walk from one end to the other in about twenty minutes.  We took some photos and checked out the farmers market.  There is a castle at the top of the hill in the Old Town so we took the funicular up to that hoping for a nice view of the city.  I have to say it was probably the worst castle I had ever seen.  We were already feeling a bit castled out after our Scotland experience but this one was all modernized with cafes and new stairs and glass windows and stuff... not really what is expected of a seventeenth century castle... and absolutely no view of the city... just some exhibitions that you had to pay to get into and we really couldnt be bothered.

We had a nightmare of a time trying to book our accomodations in Zagreb... everything was booked out for Friday night... not good!!  We just need to go there for one night in order to get the bus to Sarajevo.  About 2hrs later we managed to find something!!

There was a bit of a rainstorm so we took refuge in a cafe for a couple of hours then went for dinner, a couple of drinks and to bed.


From avril on Aug 30th, 2007

Wow, what a beautiful city! This makes me want to go to Eastern Europe even more! xoxo