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Isle of Sky Tour - Day 3

Written on: Friday August 3rd, 2007

A journal entry from: Scotland

Again, another early start.  On the bus before 9am to get a ferry to the mainland.  Apparently it is high season to see seals and dolphins on the ferry but there was no such luck for us.  We just drove down the coastline to Stirling and then back to Edinburgh.  It rained pretty much all day.

Our first stop after the ferry was a Scottish beach.  I can't remember the name of it but it was amazing... white sand and clear blue waters... not something that I'd have expected from Scotland!! 

We had one stop at Glencoe Valley which was pretty fun... it was pissing down rain and we were all soaking wet by the end of it but apparently the spring water is amazing so we were encouraged to fill up our water bottles.  I couldn't be asked to climb down to the river (was thinking "what if I fall and slide all the way down... wet, wet, wet!!") but Carmen did and managed to hold herself up and stick her face in the water for a drink.  Fantastic photo op!  Mwahah.

Other stops included Glenfinnan which is where the Harry Potter bridge is (for those of you who have seen the movies - I haven't!) and also Doune Castle which is the castle that was used in the Monty Python and Searth for the Holy Grail movie (also which I have not seen).

Our last stop was a monument for William Wallace - the "real" braveheart before arriving back in Edinburgh.

We were absolutely exhausted after arriving back so didn't do much besides dinner and a couple of cocktails before calling it an early night around midnight.