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Isle of Sky Tour - Day 1

Written on: Wednesday August 1st, 2007

A journal entry from: Scotland

Our tour departed from Edinburgh at 9am.

First stop was a little village called Dunkeld.  Basically we were there long enough for a few photos by the river and at the cathedral.  And of course, coffee!!!  Dunkeld, by the way, is where Alexander MacKenzie was born.  Random fact for you all.

As we drove we made many more stops along the way to check out scenery and to have lunch and so on and so forth.  Saw some castle ruins and an ancient burial ground among other things.

We drove through Inverness, unfortunately not stopping - it looks like a cool little down!

We did, however, stop at Loch Ness for some photos.  While being an idiot and jumping around on the rocks on the shores of the river I slipped and nearly went for a swim... oops!  No Nessie sightings, although our guide stuck a piece of black paper in the shape of the sea monster on the window and we photographed that so it looked as if we had seen something!  Mwahah.

From there we went straight to the Isle of Skye where we would be staying for the next two nights.   After dinner in the pub we learned some Scottish dancing while a band played in the pub.  Good fun!!