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Written on: Wednesday January 3rd, 2007

A journal entry from: Canada - Dec 2006

After living in London (or just south of, depening on the month.. hahah), I went back home to visit family and friends in Canada.

I left London on 6 December, and arrived that evening in Canada.  My sister Avril and her boyfriend Alan picked me up from the airport, and drove me home.  About 10 minutes later just about all of my good friends were at my house to welcome me to the country.  As usual, my mom cooke loads of food and we just ate and hung out until I had to crash out.

While at home I did waaaay too much shopping (hahah), hung out with friends - mainly just at people's houses or pubs and restaurants, ate loads of sushi (trying to get sick of it so that I don't want it over here all the time.... no luck), etc.

I spent a couple of nights downtown at Avril and Alan's place and went to an improv show that Alan and his friend organized as well as (surprise, surprise) more shopping.  Someone did a hit and run on Lauren's car while we were downtown, so got to spend 2hrs between the police and ICBC trying to get a claim number and sort it out (apparently no one wanted to handle the case).

Christmas was laid back.  Church on Christmas Eve, present wrapping til way too late at night due to procrastination, disorganization, and also tradition of present wrapping on Christmas Eve with the sisters.  Just family came over for Christmas.

New Years Mat and Joey had people over, so just hung out there for one last night with everybody, and then lunch at Earls to send me off to the airport New Years Day!


From avril on Feb 9th, 2007

Nice photos Jen! You can add captions too. I can't wait to see your other trips. Add me as your footstops friend! xoxo