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Parents in Lyon

Written on: Saturday June 2nd, 2007

A journal entry from: Visit from the Parents

            After spending nearly 4 days in Paris we embarked on our journey to Lyon (a whole 2hrs by train).  We were joking around wondering if we needed to confirm our Lyon hotel but figured that would just be ridiculous ? there?s no way the travel agent could have messed up twice.  After all, the London hotel was fine and fantastic, and my mom gave her a paper with the full address written on it.  Unfortunately, we probably should have rang up.  Upon arriving in Lyon, we were told that our hotel was actually booked in Toulouse!!  Well, Toulouse, Lyon? not exactly the same thing!!  And there was no room in this hotel, either.  Grrr?. However, the people working at the hotel were quite helpful and managed to book us a room in a 4-star hotel 20minutes down the road and then into a junior suite in their hotel for the last 2 nights we had there.  That meant another taxi ride and more wasted time.  I left a message for the travel agent just saying that after the Paris fiasco I was not happy and she?d better call me ASAP.

             Our 4-star hotel was beautiful? but my dad had to fork out the money for it right away.  The travel agent ended up calling when we were at a café, and tried to blame the entire thing on my mom.  Apparently my mom had handed her a piece of paper with the address on it and that was the hotel that she booked.  Well, I had that same piece of paper and the address was most definitely in Lyon!  The conversation went something as follows:
ME: Are you not a travel agent?
TA: Yes.
ME: Then isn?t it your job to book holidays for people?
TA: Yes.
ME: Then why are you blaming my mother who hired you to do this for her because she didn?t feel that she could do it herself?  That?s what you get paid for! 
And she proceeded to continue to try to blame my mom, so I asked to be transferred to her manager.  The end result was that they pre-paid for our last two nights in Lyon (the shit show started when I was told we would have to still pay for the Toulouse fiasco) and when my parents got back they would be able to bring in all their receipts for the 4-star hotel as well as taxis, phone cards, and phone bills and it would all be reimbursed.

             The moral of the story: if you can book it online, do it yourself!!  Don?t trust a BCAA travel agent who ends every sentence with a question!!

             That aside, however, Lyon is a beautiful city.  Very quaint little cobble-stone lanes lined with restaurants and cafes.  The Old Town is a maze of cobble stone streets filled with cafes and all sorts of random shops.  We visited the Fourviere Basilica which we had to take a funicular to get to and got a fantastic view of the city.  Checked out the shops (which were great) and ate more fantastic food.  Thank God nothing else went wrong and we were able to enjoy the rest of the holiday!!


From avril on Jun 15th, 2007

Where are the pictures?? Good work with the travel agent, haha!