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Parents in London

Written on: Friday May 25th, 2007

A journal entry from: Visit from the Parents

            My parents arrived in London on Sunday, 20 May around 1.40pm.  Of course I was at the airport early, and of course they got out of customs late? but it was great to see them.  I tend to forget how much I miss people at home until I see them again.

             Mom and Dad were in London for a week, which was fantastic.  The weather co-operated the entire time (which can be quite rarity for this city) and so they were able to walk around and check out the sights while I was at work, then in the evenings I would come up and meet them.  We did a lot of walking and ate a lot of nice food.  I took a day off sick from work and spent the afternoon with them, then we went to see Phantom of the Opera (my Mother?s Day/Father?s Day present to them) which was amazing.  The theatre was beautiful and we sat in the Royal Circle.  We pre-ordered our drinks and at the intermission we came out and there were 3 glasses of wine on a table with our name on them.  Felt pretty posh for a night!!  Hahah.  We walked all around the West End ? checked out Trafalgar Square, Leicester Square, Chinatown, Soho, The South Bank?. We almost did the London Eye, but arrived half an hour after it had closed (dammit!).