Riga Photos


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I love climbing statues. This one was hard to mount up. Mwahah.

She's not really an angel. But we love her anyways :)

Showing the statue some love

Vik and I by the river

Casey and I by the river

The river

Poser that I am.

Carmen, me, and Vik

My eyes are shut, I nearly lost my jeans, but I'm riding the log.



View from Skyline bar, where cocktails were only around 3 Lats and absolutely fantastic. We stayed there for several hours...

View from Skyline bar

View from Skyline bar

View from Skyline Bar

At Pulkevedis nightclub... a little bit of Casper's face (he liked to dress up as a pirate with eyeliner. Hilarious), Carmen, me, and a bit of Casey.



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