Krakow Photos


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Krakow main square. Vikki, Casey, me.

Market stalls in Krakow's main square selling Easter eggs, meat, amber, and other Polish treats.

Church in Krakow's main square

The Cathedral at Warwel Castle in Krakow

Cathedral again

We had a silly photo shoot at the castle. The next few photos are us being posers.


Me, Casey, Faye

Me, Vik, Faye

Krakow streets... all stemming out from the main square.

Market stalls at Krakow's main square


This was at a memorial for the second anniversary of Pope John Paul II's death. This is where he would address the people of Krakow when there.

If you can see the light in the window, that is the window the pope spoke out of.

After the memorial we of course, went to drink. This was at an underground brewery. The big test tube held 7.5 pints of beer and costed about £6.

Pouring the pints.



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