Day Two Photos


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This was the best coffee shop ever. It was underground in a cellar and I swear made the best coffees and pastries I have ever had. We ate there religiously every morning. It was also not touristy at ALL - we were the only English speakers in there at all times :)

This cafe was in an old guild house from the Medieval times. Very cool. And amaaaazing chocolates and hot chocolate.

Tallinn streets

Part of the city wall surrounding the Old Town. Again, preserved from Medieval times.

There were 4 look out points along the city wall. We only did one of them. This is half way up.


Tallinn from the look out.

Tallinn is known as a city of spires.

The wrong side of the tracks. Literally. Tallinn is not so nice once you have crossed over the railway tracks.

At the look out.

Tallinn streets were amazing. The photos, unfortunately, do not do them justice.

One of the entrances to the Old Town

Medieval restaurant. We didn't eat here, it just looked cool.

Just some Estonian buildings

Selling roast nuts




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