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Dan, Matt and Paul at Miss Libertine's Bar

At Miss Libertine's Bar

The group at Miss Libertine's. No idea who the girl on the left is. Total random wanting to get into the photo. Matt sleeping on the right.

Rooftop with Justin and Tracey (and Paul and Adrien)

Rooftop with Justin and Tracey. (and Paul, Howie and Adrien)

Some of the girls from the agency. Larissa, Elena and Laura.

Paul's sunburn. The ozone layer is apparently not overrated. And apparently the sun is 3km away from Australia. Sunscreen = sensible.

Russell and Howie at Belgium Beer Gardens for Russell's birthday

Me and Marnie at Belgium Beer Gardens

Belgium Beer Gardens

Belgium Beer Gardens

Live band at Belgium Beer Garden

Monkey man Paul on a hunt for cicadas.

Monkey man Paul hunting for cicadas

Me and Paul underneath the Prahran Town Hall Christmas wreath

Amanda, me, Shayna and Linzy at work drinks



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