Fun on the Farm Photos


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Let Us Grow Hydroponics! My farming home!

The Let Us Grow delivery van

Coffee at Tropical Fruit World with some of the other helpers (next door to the farm and the only sign of civilization)

Champers for Joy's birthday

Joy and her lemon tart birthday cake, baked by one of the helpers

Joy and her granddaughter, Olivia

Some of the helpers: Catherine, Lily (a Burmese refugee living with the family) and Angeline

Some of the helping family

Denis and Joy (farm owners)

Andrew (who runs the farm) and his wife Deb (Joy's daughter)


Katherine and Florent

Angeline and Guillaume (who I couldn't stand!)

My grasshopper friend

Coolangatta Beach (about 20 min drive from the farm)

Coolangatta Beach



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