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Easy way trip to Salamanca Spain

Written on: Wednesday March 4th, 2009

A journal entry from: Easy way trip to Salamanca Spain

When traveling the first thing to do is to look and books hotels, booking hotels now days is not difficult to find a nice to book is the best place to books hotels easily find the best price, without any cost. Offer impartial views very helpful in deciding what hotel to stay, and in 9 different languages. Here are the tips on easy way trip to a journey in Salamanca Spain. List the places you wanted to go and sort them so that you will not mislead know the distance, land marks, population, the climate, culture and events the currency they used the dialect they speak and of course the transportation and schedule of trips. Now back to our journey Salamanca is a city in western Spain, the capital of the province of Salamanca, which belongs to the autonomous community (region) of Castile and Leon it has a 160,000 population, The city lies on a mountain by the Tormes River, which is crossed by a bridge 150 m long built on 26 arches, fifteen of which are of Roman origin, Salamanca is considered one of the most spectacular Renaissance cities in Europe. Through the centuries the sandstone buildings have gained an exquisite golden glow that has given Salamanca the nickname La Ciudad Dorada, the golden city.

The Plaza Mayor is the central square in the city and is known as the living room of the Salmantinos (Salamancans). Andrés García de Quiñones constructed it at the beginning of the 18th century. The plaza has a capacity of 20,000 people and is surrounded by shaded arcades. The plaza was originally a venue for bullfights but is currently used primarily for concerts. The plaza is regarded as one of the finest squares in Europe. Next to Main Square we can see the Central Market of Salamanca with typical fresh products of Spain.

In 2002 Salamanca shared the title of European Capital of Culture with Bruges. Salamanca is a popular tourist destination, especially in the summer. The classic dish of the Salamanca, known as Charreria ("peasant lands"), is a cocido, a baked casserole of garbanzo beans. A traditional Salmantinian celebration is the Lunes de Aguas, "Water Monday", the Monday after the Sunday following Easter. Originally this served to celebrate the official allowance of the authorities for the prostitutes to return to the city after Lent and Easter. All the shops close and Salmantinos picnic in the countryside to eat a kind of pie called "hornazo". Transportation in Spain particularly in Salamanca is not difficult you can ride bus, taxi and in long distance travel you can ride airplane and ferry boat.

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