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Dominican Adventure

Dominican Adventure

Last Updated: Mar 10th, 2008

Well I have arrived,Long trip,with snow delays in Toronto.Took me all of 16 hours to get here.Should have been much less.Anyway,I made it,and glad i did.The Dominicans say "You brought the wind "!Excellant.I am settling in at the Extreme Hotel,here in Cabarete.Alittle warmer than Victoria,down here.Ha!Rained first day,but thats just fine,everything is green,and lush.I looked up one of my old Dominican friends,who is a gardener here,for the resorts.I presented him with a gift of a pair of pruning shears.He was so excited,we started pruning his mango tree.Then we moved to his papaya's,ect.Can't say I have ever enjoyed pruning so much.He and his wife served me the best coffee,I have ever had,black,with some sugar.Wow!I don't normally drink black,but this time,was unbelievable.Good.Looking forward to seeing the sun come up this morning.The roosters are crowing now,I have the trusty Hotel dog sleeping soundly at my feet.As i am outside in the balcony with my laptop.I can smell the trees and the flowers in the dark,light breeze off the ocean,bringing them to me.Something very calming about that.

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