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Been awhile

Written on: Friday February 29th, 2008

A journal entry from: Dominican Adventure

Hello,long time no talk.Probably,because the internet connection is hard to get up to speed.Been a month now,and the wind just doesn't stop blowing,settles down a bit,but has not let up.I have a little scooter now,so transportation is great.I don't have to take the Moto Cauncho's anymore.Can be a bit dangerous,depending on the condition of the bike.Most of the drivers are okay,except late at night.They drink a bit...Have been taking lots of photo's,on and around the beach.Took my camera out with me on the water the other day.It is waterproof,and takes great shots.I will post some.My friend Andrew crashes his kite all the time,kitesurfing,I have some great shots of him.Another Swiss kitesurfer,jumped through my lines,and we ended up really tangled,have shots of this....Trama...But know one was hurt.Or equipment was damaged....The local dog of the hotel,has taken to sleeping outside my door,probably because of the local smoked ham bits I have fed her...Bit thin..needs fattening.I am getting so black now,sun 247.Sunscreen and all....two more weeks ,then home......


From DoeBoy on Mar 1st, 2008

Eh johnny.Nothing really new hear.weather getting better.Daffs & snowdrops are up.You'll be getting back about the time I go up north fishing for spring break..Enjoy yourself to the fullest man . Cheers.