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Another Day in Paradise

Written on: Friday February 22nd, 2008

A journal entry from: Dominican Adventure

Well,I know it has been awhile,scince i last posted.The internet connection here,is not always strong.Today it is,so here I am.A lot has happened in the last week.The most interesting ,was my trip to the top of blue moon mountain retreat,for Indian full course dinner,served on  banana leaves,and eaten with your fingers of your right hand,while seated on pillows.The moon was in eclipse during all this.making it an incredible evening.The mountains or hills here in The Dominican Republic are so beautiful,lush and fruitful.I am really at peace here.Everyday is windy,and warm.So many smiles,and contented people.A few struggling,with the onslaught of tourism,but all in all,getting by.I am just past the half way point of my trip.And have finally adjusted to the heat.I guess my blood has finally thinned, somewhat.I have been inspired to do some sketching,and have created two drawings of nudes.Photo's that I got off the net.I have been trying to find someone to model for me,and have not had any success,yet.But I have not given up.I would like to do a scupture,from the work,which i have pictured in my minds eye.it has just started to rain a bit,sweet smelling rain it is.Washing everything greener.I will be relaxing today.