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another day in paradise

Written on: Friday February 15th, 2008

A journal entry from: Dominican Adventure

A bit of rain to green things up.Birds are singing off in the distance.Everything is so green and lush,wind is picking up,refreshing the air.Just picked up a few groceries,cheese,water,and avacodo's,and some wine for later.Argentine red.last night we,as a group from the Extreme Hotel,went for dinner in Porta Plata.The Spanish architechure is so great.The restuarant seating was all around a large fountain spewing water over a sculpture of a man pushing a ball of barbed wire.Vaulted ceilings,made out of some sort of hardwood that was orange in color.All open to the air,no doors anywhere.The waiters and such dressed in suits.The food was extraordinary.Salads with pizza shaped hunks of fresh cheese.Bread with salsa,my main meal was pasta in a  creamy wine sauce,with chunks of langostina.Unbelievable.aglass of white wine to wash it all down with,life is good.Then off to the local marange music bar,where all the local dominicans are grinding to latin swing.Music Was deafing,they definitely like it loud.Even the car alarms were going off to the high notes in the parking lot.The moon is half full,and my stomach is totally full.To bed,and dreams of waves for tommorro.Life is definitley a beach.


From DoeBoy on Feb 19th, 2008

Eh you son of a bitch.Actually sunny here.Thought I'd let you know there a senior maintianance worker full time position up & I'm told it's for the arb section,Thought you might want to apply for this one. Let me know asap.Take care