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Santo Domingo

Written on: Thursday February 14th, 2008

A journal entry from: Dominican Adventure

Went for a day trip to the city of Santo Domingo yesterday.Missed the strongest wind day.Although today was epic.Huge waves and blowing over 30 knots.Great drop in's.Straight vertical off the backside,skipping down face,lot of water moving,very far off shore where the reef is deep.unbelievable stuff.The city was very interesting,lots of people,cars and activity.The shops are so cool,lots of things you won't see very many other places,unique furniture,built here,out of heavy woods.Everything is built to last, for decades,because of the warm climate.Clothing fashions,are also cool,the spanish,have a flair for unique styles.I purchased a very entertaining Robot.Comes with remote controls.Dancesand speaks walks and spins.And fires foam frisbee's from it's mouth at vilocity.Great fun for me."Ha,ha."I also bought a beautiful painting,the colors are very rich.We went to a lumber yard to check out the exotic woods available,watched the Dominicans plane huge planks of very heavy solid teak looking wood.all and all very interesting.looking forward to another fun day on the water,allready windy here,and the sun has not risen yet.This is the best time to do my internet work,because signal is very strong,and know other users.So,i'm off to watch the sun come up,cheers for now,John.