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Strongest wind Today

Written on: Friday February 8th, 2008

A journal entry from: Dominican Adventure

Started the day with my morning walk along the beach to Cabarete,sooooo nice. The new sand is eroding fast.High tides are working on the shorelines.shrinking the size of the Dominican Republic.I had a beautiful breakfast of banana pancakes,covered in chocolate sauce.I know,very decedent,but life is short.Besides i burned that off long time ago today,kite surfing for hours.flying along,shredding waves,and lifting off,like a bird.so fun.Made lots of new friends this year.England,Norway,Sweden,France,and east coast Canadians learning to kite.Everyone having a ball.My Dominican friends are ripping it up beside me on the water,They never grow old.Sky is so blue tonight,with the cotton wool clouds ,i so enjoy.Watching a banana tree sway in the wind right now from balcony.Going to sleep well tonight.Can see the bartender lighting candles,from here now,getting dark.Going to go for dinner in town,see what i can find to eat.Maybe go for some coconut gelato dominican style ice cream afterwards.Yeh man,life is a beach.