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A walk on the beach

Written on: Wednesday February 6th, 2008

A journal entry from: Dominican Adventure

Today started  with an early morning walk on the beach,sun was coolish,and ocean quite.As i walked along doing a little beachcombing,i see new condo construction going on,and realize how busy this strech of beach is getting to be.The cash is rolling in,This sleepy little village of Cabarete is slowly becoming the time share capital of the Area.I truly love the Domincan Spanish architecture,as shown in my photos.So,cash does create beauty that way.Just at a price.There are many people from all over Europe,here,very interesting to see the styles of dress and not.sunbathers almost naked.The Dominican women are mostly covered up,enjoying the sun,but not exposing themselves like we do.Of course when the sun goes down,all sorts of exposure takes place.It is great to see the women and men dress to the nines,and that for some women,short shorts are still very shiek.......Good word......The music in the clubs almost grinds the weak at heart into the sand.most all the bars have music,drink and food right on the beach,outside seating if you like,and candles glow all in a row.seafood abounds and rum is bottomless.Life is definitely a beach.