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Another Day in the bazing sun.

Written on: Tuesday February 5th, 2008

A journal entry from: Dominican Adventure

"Man oh man am i sunbaked.Had to get out of the sun into the shade today.Definitly have been getting lots of vitamin D.Lots of smiling faces at the beach today.A little rain to green things up,then the trade wind came through like a young hungry goat in a corn field,hahahahaha.My feet hurt from no shoes,and my arms are sore now,from all the stretching,from kiting.Helped a fellow from England out with his equipment,all out of wack,and now i'm off for Chinese Dominican Food.Unbelievably good,stuff.The coffee here is to kill for.i have an Avocado this size of a football on my shelf to be consumed in the next few days.All the fruit and veggies are local,and fresh.Vegetable stand just a block away,any number of local delicious organic goodies.Still blowing like crazy outside my balcony,palm trees are stirring the air,shouting wispers.Nice a cool now,as the wind calms the birds seem to appear.I love the crazy sounds they make off in the distance.Big fluffy clouds are passing overhead.This is the only country that i have seen these clouds,so far.All the local paintings have them shown.I could just watch them cruise all day.speaking of cruising,Im outa here.