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day 2

Written on: Sunday February 3rd, 2008

A journal entry from: Dominican Adventure

Today was a great day,Wind came up nicely and the waves were superb.my 11 meter ozone edge.worked well.The water was blue and warm,the sun hot and the wind cool.So many kites,hard to count.out off shore a ways,looking back at the large lumps of swell moving beachward,al the colors dotting the sky,like butterflies in heat.I see A kiter coming close on a surfboard,it's my friend Luciano Gonzales,ripping along.he shouts"Hey amigo,good to see you again"!then he rips down the wave behind me.Man that man can kite.Dominican champion for many years,in many different catagories.And can fly like a bird with a kite.I watched him from a distance as i cruised upwind.i was on a mission,to nail as many large waves as i could going upwind.Chances are the wind will peter out and i will coast in surfing my wave back.This became true,just made it back through the waves ,before the wind shut down,and went offshore.Then it rained like cats and doggies.Wow,what weather.Carribean at its finest for this time of year.Then the sun came up and smiles were all round.Tommorro is suppost to be better,what ever better is in Paradise.For now that is where i am.


From the mailman on Feb 5th, 2008

sounds great Johnny. keep me up to date. talk later.