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Nearing the end

Written on: Monday March 10th, 2008

A journal entry from: Dominican Adventure

Yes,All good things come to and end it seems.At least temporarily.My trip has been excellant.So much beauty here.The wind for me,has been relentless,A record here as well.39 days non stop.Kite surfing record for me.Palm trees are swaying as we speak.I went to a lagoon this morning early,for a peacefull sunrise.There was a fisherman pulling in his nets.Young kids swimming,and laughing.The people certainly love life here.they may not have much money,but they can live.Pick fruit off the tree's,and watch the world go by,unincumbered.If they choose.Most of the Dominican people don't live past 60 years.mostly because,they party thier ass's off.Spend money like there is no tommorro.And don't want to live any longer.Kids learn about life early,and children have a short childhood.Most start working to make money very early.And this continues throughout there lives.The rich Dominicans, are very few.They run the country,pretty much.such is life in the Dominican Republic.


From Colin on Apr 2nd, 2008

Miss u bud...RIP

From Ness,Alex,Hana,Leelou,Mark on Apr 2nd, 2008

Oh Johnny......we are so sad.....we will miss you dearly....Vanessa, Mark and Alexander. Enjoy your next adventures.....and.....you know.......Love from us.

From Dale D on Apr 5th, 2008

I'll miss you buddy

From Tom and Louise Vandall on Apr 6th, 2008

Love You Johnny! We are stunned and will sorely miss you. Your maple syrup scrambled eggs were the best and your zest for life was inspirational.

From Matthew Glazewski on Apr 8th, 2008

To an awesome mentor in windsurfing and casual beach living I dedicate all sailing days to you my friend. 20 years of friendship has gone too fast. See you on the other side one day till then enjoy where the wind takes you!!!

From Shelley B on Apr 10th, 2008

What I witnessed on Tuesday was truly a beautiful thing.It has touched my soul with sadness and happiness,and is something I will never forget. All for you my friend.