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So far so good

Written on: Monday August 13th, 2007

A journal entry from: Norwegian adventure

Right, so we've been here nearly a week. Lots of things, will write a little about each.

Flights were long. Big surprise there. KL was hot. We had breakfast beers at Amsterdam.
Kath's mate Malcolm picked us up from the airport. He's a really cool guy and has been a massive help. We probably would have gotten everything done without him but it would have taken about 4 times as long.
We've organised our working permits and registered for social security. The norwegians are mad for taking numbers when queuing. Imagine everything in your life being just like visiting the deli.
We've moved into our apartment. It's pretty nice, very stark when we moved in but it's becoming more and more homey. We had a mammoth trip to IKEA on the free shuttle bus. Turns out furniture is cheaper than food here.
On saturday we cruised down to Stomstad in Sweden and bought heaps of duty free food and booze. Sunday we went around the Bygdøy peninsula and watched some superfast jet boat racing. We intended to go swimming but the race was on instead.
Today we went back to Bygdøy and actually went swimming. It was kinda chilly so we were in there for about 3 minutes. Swim in a fjord, CHECK! Doesn't matter how long it was for, it still counts :)
I also started the job hunt today, visited a couple of recruiters and emailed round some of the local ruby community. Hopefully something comes up out of it. Also joined the DNT which is the local hiking club, now I have a key to hundreds of free unserviced mountain huts and discounted use of the serviced ones. If the weather stays good we're hoping to head up to jotunheimen national park soon.