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Day 8: 494 miles, Lincoln, MT to Lander, WY (Ted's Birthday!)

Written on: Friday July 13th, 2007

By now, our bikes were really, really fixed for sure, so we traveled down to Yellowstone with confidence. We skipped the breakfast recommendation from the gas station clerk in Helena ("Yeah, breakfast? Perkins is really, really good.") and found a diner full of old folks: "I used to ride a Harley, boy!" "Oh, yeah? that's nice." "Yep, up on the seat, spread eagle!!" "Um, have a nice day, sir."

The trip back to Yellowstone wound through some great roads and scenery. We headed south out of the park and took a dip Jackson Lake while admiring the Tetons. Heading SE toward Lander was shockingly nice and we were generarlly impressed with Wyoming. Finally arrinving in Lander at about 10pm, we hit the grocery store where some guy in the parking lot talked bikes and recommended we camp in Sinks Canyon State Park.