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Day 6: 486 miles, Red Lodge, MT to Browning, MT

Written on: Wednesday July 11th, 2007

Turns out there's a good BMW mechanic in Red Lodge. Of course, I decided it wasn't worth the time to find him and get my regulator diagnosed ("it'll hold up..."). Headed to Yellowstone via the Beartooth highway and an 11000 foot pass. Stopped for coffee along the way and saw Timmy again.

Yellowstone was pretty nice and the NE corner wasn't so crowded. From there, ambition prevailed and we started for Glacier, 400 miles to the North. This took us through central MT, which was vast and mostly flat. US89 got pretty surreal and Emily was looking for melting clocks and the edge of the Earth.

After dark and about 70 miles outside Glacier, my charging light came on indicating I was running off battery. I flipped off my headlight to conserve power (attracting the attention of the State Law) and tailed Ted the 40 miles to Browning, despite the advice of the trooper. It was something like, "Well, I can't really say much, but watch where you stay up there. They're having their Pow Wow, so, just be careful." Heh.