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Day 4: 229 miles, Sturgis, SD to Sundance, WY

Written on: Monday July 9th, 2007

A morning at Sturgis BMW revealed clogged pilot jets and low compression from tight exhaust valves on Ted's bike. Turns out the valves were sucking in and would need to be adjusted more and more frequently as we went along our merry way. While there, I figured I'd get my rear seal repaired and brake cleaned since we were heading into the mountains (~$200). Described my flakey turn signals to Al, the service writer, and decided the voltage regulator was going, but they were fresh out of them.

From there we hit the Black Hills and headed west into Wyoming. The Black Hills and Mt Rushmore were generally great, but Spearfish Canyon at sunset was spectacular. Having finally fixed things up and found some good roads, we settled on Black Hill National Forest in NE WY for our first night of camping.