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Okazaki: Cosplay Event

Written on: Sunday June 6th, 2010

A journal entry from: Aichi Prefecture

Sunday afternoon a small group of us went to a nearby Cosplay Event held at the Okazaki Library. It was pretty small though I would assume more people would arrive for the special guest later in the day (voice actor for Naruto). However, due to time constraints I couldn't stay very long. The crowd was mostly teenagers but they did seem to put effort into their costumes. Better then the usual Halloween outfits seen at high schools back home. 

If nothing more, it made me even more interested in attending a larger event (maybe Tokyo or Nagoya). Because despite a number of people who don't quite understand the purpose.... well, it can be a great experience to dress up and hang out for an afternoon. But, seeing as my Kikiyo costume (formerly used Halloween 2008) is back in Canada I attended as a spectator this time. Though I could argue that I was dressed as a Gaikojin (foreigner) who randomly shows up in the occasional manga. :)P