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Okazaki: Another visit to the castle grounds.

Written on: Saturday June 5th, 2010

A journal entry from: Aichi Prefecture

I have written about Okazaki in previous blogs so do no have too much to add at the moment. 

 There are a couple of interesting points though....

A water fountain has been added on the river beside the castle which sprays at different times throughout the day. Though I haven't quite figured out the schedule. It was there when I went by around 11:15 and again around 5:45 but the spray changes from one large center to two crisscrossing spouts and then half a dozen low ones.

 Today was another surprise as while walking towards the bridge we saw a couple dressed in traditional kimonos getting their pictures taken. Later we saw them again up by the castle and a member of their group asked if we would like a picture taken (not included in this post though... in the face book album). 

*Note that the pictures with sakura (cherry blossoms) are from April but I just found them buried in another folder so have added them to this post.* 

Not much else to add so until next time....