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Wakayama City: General & Downtown

Written on: Monday September 28th, 2009

A journal entry from: Wakayama Prefecture

Founded in 1889 this is a quiet city that is great for walking.

The key sightseeing spots are a fair distance from each other but worth the time and effort. Plus there are beautiful trails along the shore and up into the mountain areas that make the time enjoyable. One key feature that overlooks the downtown core is Wakayama castle which has both a garden and zoo at its base.  

With a population of about 380,000 (2004 stats) it spreads out from the busier downtown area to fishing village style houses about a good 2 hour walk away. However, due to economic reasons many of the stores downtown are empty. 

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(Please note that the maps provided on the city site do not accurately  reflect the walking distance from the downtown to Bandokoro Garden. By following the shore it took about 4 hours and the path eventually stopped among a subdivision.)