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Okazaki: Home Sweet Home

Written on: Sunday April 4th, 2010

A journal entry from: Aichi Prefecture

Alright, for those who have been reading the recent blogs you will notice that the date of the entries are from early April. However, I am posting them now (e.g. today is actually 4/11/2010). I quickly fell behind with writing due to school starting up, studying and other general craziness so please have patience. :) 

I arrived at my new home, Okazaki-shi in Aichi-ken on April 3rd in the afternoon. After lugging all the bags, collecting the delivered luggage and finishing the paperwork at the office; I pretty much passed out for the evening and night. The next day however my room was organized in the morning and I was able to have an adventure (details posted soon) in the afternoon. Overall I was quite happy with having everything arranged.

Then during orientation this past week the dean of the school reminded us of earthquake safety.... yep. Despite having lived here for over two years it didn't even occur to me that placing the bookshelf at the head of the futon would not be the best idea. Hum, a crushed skull at the worst and a crushed neck or shoulders at the best. So, that night I rearranged the room again to be more earthquake safe. 

In the end this new arrangement is also better since my desk is under the window where I can enjoy the fresh air and natural light. During the previous arrangement it was across the room and so darker.

A little bit about residence... this is a school dormitory with three floors. The basement has the shared kitchens, computer room, laundry and lounge. But the basement opens up on one side to the parking lot behind the building.  So, it really doesn't feel like an actual basement. 

The first floor is the entrance and men's rooms.  Generally I think this is a good idea for safety reasons but know a fellow who lives near the entrance who is less then pleased. Problem is when people return or leave at the wee hours (early morning) and make noise. 

The second floor is where the women's rooms are located with shared showers and bathrooms. But it is generally quiet... or should I say that the hall I am in is quiet.

I expected it to be like first year residence and it has met those expectations. Each student has a different standard of cleanliness and so there have been days when I really miss my own apartment. But, I am only here a short time so can use selective sight.

Will write more about the city soon along with the Sakura festival last week-end. Feels like I have been here awhile yet it has only been a week and a few extra days. Guess the lack of a set schedule last week really warped my perception of time.

Till later!