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Nagoya: Non-smoking zone

Written on: Saturday April 3rd, 2010

A journal entry from: Aichi Prefecture

Thought I would write a quick note about this since it is a unique idea that is spreading throughout the larger cities of Japan. (A fellow foreigner mentioned that they found the same thing in an area of Kyoto as well). 

Literally it is an area in the downtown core of the city were smoking is designated to specific tents and smaller areas. So wandering around with cigarettes or popping outside a store for one is not allowed. I don't know if this is enforced to any great extent but I have a feeling the general public follows the rules. 

Is this a good idea or not.... well, that opens up a can of worms and debate that would be better suited to an online discussion form and not a travel journal. Though, as a non-smoker I have to admit that I am biased towards liking the idea.

For travelers heading to Nagoya, the area is easy to spot and includes a few blocks around the Nagoya JR station. There are these large signs along the streets as well as smaller painted signs on the sidewalk. Just remember when you run off the train to get your fix, look for the green tents that are clearly marked "smoking area" in both Nihongo and English.