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Winter in Niihama

Written on: Sunday January 20th, 2008

A journal entry from: Memories of Niihama

Word of the day: mizore¬† „?Ņ„??„??¬† (sleet or wet snow)

Scentence of the day: mizore ha tsumetai desu. (The sleet is cold. [sleet ha cold is])

 After two months of waiting Niihama had its first snow fall today. First starting as rain in the morning, sleet in the afternoon and finally full snow during dusk. I did the crazy Canuk thing and went walking out in it to just because. Then returned home to a pot of hot chocolate and a movie. The snow has since stopped (about 11pm at the moment) but there was at least a good two inches which fell between 4pm and 10pm. Here are a few pictures taken during my walk. Will probably add a few more tomorrow in the daylight.