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Trying to be smart doesn`t work

Written on: Tuesday October 16th, 2007

A journal entry from: Memories of Niihama

Alright, worked from 10am to 5:40pm and had big plan to go cheer on Bryan and James B who would be carrying a Taiko with Yoshi that evening. But, in my attempt at wisdom I ended not going. You see..... there is a main street in Niihama which crosses hwy 11. And to find them I would have had to turn right. Nova`s office is a few streets down and is also to the right of the main street. So, I thought that instead of coming back to the main street (a 20 minute bike ride) I could just grab the street beside Nova and eventually wold hit hwy 11. Well, that street brought me in a circle.... no big deal.... I continued to the right looking for the next big street which was found 5 minutes later. And there a sigh saying " to hwy 5m". Perfect I mused.... and started down it. It lead to another street which led to another hwy 11 sign point to the right. Wow, I must be close and started up that way. Until hwy 137 signs started appearing.... alright, maybe hwy 11 ends at hwy 136 so I turned back. And kept going until I saw the Aeon Plaza sign (where the Nova office is located). I called Wanda and asked how far is the location from nova.... after much confusion it occured to me that maybe 137 leads to hwy 11 and not the other way around. So, back the way I came again. About this time it was getting dark (6:30pm) and the road started going up hill..... so uphill that I got off the bike and started walking. Past houses and houses and then a house then an area with no house. Then no street lights..... after about 30 minutes and even farther up the mountain, the lack of sleep the night before finally taking revenge I gave up. To this day I swear I hear coyotes in the distance.... probably if was a dog farther up the mountain but either way I called Wanda and left a messege for her to pass on to the guys. The trip back was all down hill which really helped but when I hit civilization I decided to continue down the unknown road until I hit the main one near the train station.... All the sudden there was the bridge and stairway structure that is all along the main stree right in front of me. Checking my watch I realized that it was only 7 and that if I hurry I could maybe make it to the location before it ended. So, started up another hill in my pursuit of hwy 11. To within minutes realize that no this was not the main street and I had no idea how far I was from it at all. So, decided that the next best thing would be to put the mountains at my back and keep going stright till I hit the ocean. Atleast I knew that area well enough to find my way home from there. Started out and 10 minutes later I came out besides James B house on the road that leads to th Nova office. Five minutes later back and home then 20 minutes after that finishing a bite to eat. At 8: 30 I sat down on the couch and turned on the tv to watch the celebration at the aeon mall (not the one where the guys were at). Thought that if didn`t have anough energy to actually go there in person, might as well experience it through a screen. Not sure how I didn`t wake up when it happened but I went from a sitting position to a half an hour waking up lying down. Don`t remember the effort it took to crawl to bed (9pm about now) but at 9am the next morning I woke up surprisingly feeling really refreshed. A little upset with myself that I didn`t get out to be there but, I have no regret about the sleep. :)

P.S. I found where I ended up on the map..... wow..... eventually it leads to hwy 11 but going over the mountain.... *shakes head* note to self.... the path less travelled is not the way to do it when you are pressed for time and not thinking straight.