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The story of the bike

Written on: Saturday September 8th, 2007

A journal entry from: Memories of Niihama

Alright, first full day in Niihama.....and the moral of the entire story was to get a bike.

Rachel mentioned that James would be able to show me how to get to the City office. But by 1pm I was getting worried that it would close early. So, I did the typical J-L thing and ventured out to find it on my own.... got lost 3 times and at one point ended up farther away from the office then I was when sitting at home. At 3:30 I found myself at the train station and told the unfortunate news that they do not have a photo booth (which I needed to get a passport photo for the alien registration card), grabbed a taxi and with a lot of pointing at my phrase book got to the city office. 4:15 and it closes in 45 minutes. Ran in, tracked down the right person and a translator. They explained that I had to go 10 minutes down the road to a store to get the picture done. By 4:50pm I was back at the city office with the picture and filling out forms. When it was all done I asked if there was a grocery store nearby and they pointed me down the road. An hour later having not found a grocery store but still wandering I saw a big sign for the Aeon mall... I had walked to the location of the Nova office! Went into the mall and first thing I saw was the bike store.... Facing the choice of walking home, taking a taxi (expensive) or buying a bike..... I went with the $100 bike. :)

And so here is the pictures my mom has been waiting for..... the bike. :)