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Lizards and Quail Eggs

Written on: Thursday September 20th, 2007

A journal entry from: Memories of Niihama

Today`s great adventure included trying quail eggs for the first time. Not a different taste to regular eggs but they were kind of neat. Boiled then chopped up and added to udon. Yum.

Another interesting thing was a little visitor in Rachel`s room. A tiny lizard about the size of my thumb. Caught it and took a couple of pictures. Poor little fellow had a hair in his mouth which we tried to get out but he wouldn`t let go.... maybe he\she was trying to build a nest or something. I let him go downstairs in the bike patio.

Had a social night last night at the local bar and got to meet a few more fellow teachers from other companies.

That`s it for now.... Karaoke and Chibiko training tomorrow so should have more to write soon.

P.S. I finally found my house on the map..... well, the building the apartment is in. So, now you can see an overhead view of it. :)