Tokyo Disney Sea Photos

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Arabian Coast taken from the bridge to Mermaid Lagoon.

Small store (decoration only) around the outside of the main Arabian building.

Inside the open courtyard of the Arabian area. I didn't get the chance to go over to the big blue building.... maybe shopping? But we did try the curry to the left which was ok in general but pretty good for theme park food.

Mysterious Island is like a large volcano. Sort of reminded me of Aso Mountain in Kyushu with its sloping rocky sides.

I think this castle was part of the Mediterranean Harbor but it could be considered a section of its own. The theme was medieval inventors and it had a more educational feel to it. There was also a scavenger hunt game but we didn't have enough time to try it out.

Inside one of the towers is a large universe which by turning wooden handles can make each of the planets move.

Inside a second tower was the theme of alchemy.

View of the Mediterranean Harbor entrance.

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