Tokyo Disney Sea Photos


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This is a photo of Tokyo Resort as we passed it by the Disney Tram.

Inside the front entrance of the park is this large world waterfall.

After going through the usual ticket gate there was another more elaborately decorated gate that opens into Mediterranean Harbor (shopping District).

View of Mount Prometheus from the Harbor.

View of the Harbor from the bridge walkway.

There was a lot of detail put into the props throughout the park including this antique looking car.

Farther down the path was the American Waterfront are with a titanic looking boat (though I don't think it was intentionally titanic) and singing/dancing show in front.

Enjoying some sea salt ice cream inspired from Kingdom of Hearts.

We just missed a boat show which we could see past this bridge but had already started on our way to another section.

Cape Cod area.

Lost River Delta holds the Indiana Jones Adventure along with other roller coasters.

Waiting for Indiana Jones took about 1/2 an hour but there was a lot to see during the wait.

Mermaid Lagoon was a mixture of outside and inside rides. This picture is actually the outside of a building which looked small.....

.... but turned out to be really big. Combination of shopping (with mermaid themes), smaller rides (like tea cups) and a eating area with fish dishes.



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