The 4am Taiko parade to a Temple in the Mountains Photos

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The men in the middle.

The forth Taiko going past with the flag leader.

They stopped for a moment to get a better grip before continuing up the path.

The men waiting to re-lift the Taiko.

Another Taiko group waits at the turn in the path.

Here is a close up of the dragon detail at the top. These were done with fabric. The two tassles at the sides are really expensive but add to the movement of the taiko.

The lifting.

I think this is on the way back. We grabbed the same spot as on the way up and watched as they went past. You can see the two flag leaders giving directions in this one.

The men carrying the first taiko back down the hill.

There it goes.

Here is a close up of the detail at the bottom of one Taiko. I liked it `cause it was a tree.

The men of the second Taiko going by.

The third Taiko sait at the curve for orders.

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