The 4am Taiko parade to a Temple in the Mountains Photos


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The forth Taiko waiting for its turn to go up the stairs to the shrine.

Fourth Taiko and some of the men.

The third Taiko in the distance. They had lights on both side of the wooden poles to light it up plus extra lights along the path. Really made it a wonderful sight.

Third Taiko still coming.

Third Taiko up close. The two men in white are the leaders of the group who by using small flags, whistles and yelling they give directions.

The third Taiko makes its way to the enterance of the temple.

Still going.... you can see the men carrying it from below.

It was almost as tall as the arch-way.

The forth one was coming in behind us as we headed up the stairs.

Forth one doing a little bounching before they try the stairs.

Forth one makes it to the arch.

Forth one makes it past the arch. You can see the crowds who like us were wandering in front of it trying to get pictures.

Up the stairs and now on the main path. I think that is Yoshi, Rose and her fiance`s backs but not sure.

The forth Taiko makes it to the first turn in the path.

They arrive at the turn where we stopped to wait.

The men carrying at the beginning.



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