My new apartment Photos

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This is the bath tub and shower in the washroom. You take showers outside the bath tub.... took me awhile to feel comfortable doing that. Baths are a non-cleaning just relaxing thing here. They both use the same nozzels to control the faucet for the tub and the shower head.

Our cute sized washer.

Something neat.... the washing machine has both Japanese buttons but also has braille.

The doorway into the kitchen.

This picture of the kitchen was taken from the livingroom doorway. A nice size table, a couch in the one corner and the usual fridge/shelves...etc..

The stove top is gas. It has been a challange to figure out how to get the right temperature and not burn the food. Underneath there is also a small oven like thing but I havn`t found out how to use it yet.

The fridge has three sections instead of the usual two. Reminds me of the old of the usual two. Reminds me of the old firdges from the 50`s. I find stuff here really is not as shiny as back home. There is more focus on being practical then being elaborate.

The top area of the fridge for general items such as milk, eggs....ect...

The veggie drawer in the middle (which I also use for my home made ice tea). This is a neat idea instead of the north American two small drawer in the main section of the frige. However, you can`t seperate fruits and veggies which is not such a good thing. There is alot more space then at home.

The freezer is quite small but we`re able to pack alot of stuff in there.

This is our living room with a futton as a couch.The picture was taken from the kitchen looking into the room.

Tamami mat flooring in the livingroom.

Our laundry is dried on the porch instead of with a machine. Towels aren`t as fluffy but it saves electricity and dries within 5 or 6 hours.

Our porch has a couple of chairs. However, in Japan porches are not for socializing since (expecially in the summer) windows are open and so noise could bother neighbors.

View from the back porch.

Second half of the back porch view.

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