My new apartment Photos


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Here is tThe front enterance of the building. There are 10 floors with about 7 apartments per floor. However, a Canadian apartment building with the same number of apartments would be a little bigger in size then this one.

Upon entering the main doors of the apartment building you go past the elevator and the stairs to a little courtyard where bikes are parked. At night this place is packed.

The outside hallway of my floor. THe elevators are at the opposite end and the window to my room is to the right.

The view from the outside balcony when we come out of our door.

Another part of the view from the outside walkway.

Our front door and enterance area.

This are the shoe shelves at the front door. It is customary to remove your shoes before entering tamami or carpeted areas (aka the house).

This is the doorway and one side of my bedroom. Bedroom doors are western style and the floors carpeted. We have the windows open and so a cross draft often slams the door so I have been using my big backpac as a door stop.

This is the other side of my bedroom taken from the door way. The window looks onto the outside hallway. Had fun decorating to give it a more `Jenny` feel. :)

My wall of education.... hehe.... the teacher in me has set up a vocabulary wall in my atampts to learn Japanese. This side is where I put words I am trying to learn then I move them to the other side when I have them memorized.

Due to lack of furiture I have done the rez thing and made my suitcases into make-shift night tables. Works well.

The futon style bed is thinner then a matress so, I piled three futtons (two left by former residents and my new one)to make it more comfortable. There is a second futon that is fluffy (like a comforter) which goes on top. But because it has been so hot I have been sleeping with just a sheet.

The fluffy top futton will be great in the winter.

This is a clock I picked up for 900 yen (approx $9) which gives both Japan time and Canada time.

Carpeting in the hall and the bedrooms.

There is one small room for the toilet and another for the sink and bath tub. The toilet here is unique. Water to fill the basin comes out a tap on the top. Would be an environmentally friendly thing since you could use that water to wash your hands and then it is used to flush the toilet but I havn`t tried it yet.... Rachel uses the sink in the other room so I`ve been doing the same.



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