Iga: Ninja Village and Museum Photos

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Being skilled at juggling was important for their disguise.

Yet, when needed that simple tool could be turned into a deadly weapon.

Fighting with rope also became important.

Demonstration on how to beat another person using a knot.

Swinging it abruptly to the opponent will cause pain and stun them.

However, when the opponent grabs the rope.....

A simple (ok not so simple) twist and he is taken down.

Then killed by his own sword..... hum, I think I will stay away from ropes for awhile.

My attempt with a shuriken. Hum, I am sure I heard a cat scream at some point in the background.... the aim was that bad.

Ninja udon at the local shop. Udon, with veg. tempura, mochi and a mixture of hidden surprises.

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