Iga: Ninja Village and Museum Photos


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Two ninja having lunch on the park bench.....

The sign at the entrance to the village.

Traditional House: Can you spot the hidden door along the back wall?

Traditional House: Stairs that are pulled up to become a shelf and leading to the second floor of the house.

Traditional House: A secret room hidden behind a false wall.

Traditional House: A section of the floor that doubles as storage.

Museum Building #1: Typical armor.

Museum Building #1: Hum... probably will not quit my day job.... carrying textbooks are heavy enough that I think this armor would be too much.

Museum Building #1: Information about the clothing.

Ninja Fighting Techniques Demonstration: Mediation, prophecy and hypnosis were also part of the communities training.

Ninja Fighting Techniques Demonstration: Preparing to fight by sword.

Ninja Fighting Techniques Demonstration: The history of the shuriken and how to throw them.



And Fire.

Since the ninjas would put on disguises such as traveling entertainment. Weapons commonly found on farms for digging..etc.. were used since they could be carried as `juggling props` which prevented extra questions by authorities.



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