Okazaki: Ponds Photos


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At this pond there were a couple of fishermen. Interesting thing.... some of the fishing rods were a little different. They didn't have reel to wind up the wire, instead it was pulled from the water by hand using a jerking motion.

View of the big pond beside residence in the evening.

Sakura in the spring along the pond.

Closer look at the sakura.

This is a really neat small duck with a rust red colouring around the head and white stripe along his side. Still haven't found out the name of this type.

Sakura reflecting on the big pond.

Closer reflection.

The buildings on the distant shore.

Closer look.

A heron in the middle of the pond.

This is a swan couple at the big pond. The female spent most of her time at the nest until a couple of weeks ago. I briefly talked with the lady watching them.

Closer picture.

This is a picture from my favorite pond.

From a different angle.

A third pond along the way that was a little less tidy but still nice.

Second swan couple at the third pond.



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