Okazaki: Ward Matsuri Photos


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Our group's float. Musicians sit inside and perform while the float is being moved. Then a stage pulls out from under the float for the performances. It was pulled by about 20 people using ropes.

Our team happi (short sleeve coat) with a blue and white turtle.

Close up of the lanterns and flowers along the top.

Dancers waiting for the performances.

The first performer of the day using a fan.

The boy performer of the group.

Yamasa student volunteers watching the performance.

Still watching.

Another performer.

The back of a performer's kimono. Their outfits were very beautiful and elaborate.

Opening up the stage.

Another round of performances farther down the road.

Two girls watch the performance.

Another group and float wandering by as we hand out in the shade.

Pulling the float. (Props to Audrey for doing these actions shots for me.)

Still pulling. (Props to Audrey for doing these actions shots for me.)



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