Anjo; City: General Photos

Anjo station just below the walking and garden area.

In the walking area we found this world statue and a painting of astrology figures on the ground..... little random for a town in Japan.

On the way to Denpark was a number of statues. This one was a mermaid surrounded by a flower garden. The sign was in Japanese so not sure the history of the statue.

Up close view of the mermaid.

Road sign in front of Denpark. Each sign had a different statue on top along with painted flowers.

Little farther down the road..... and yes it is a Christmas tree. Not sure why... it just is.

Closer to the sation.

After walking a good 45 minutes we started wandering past rows of fields like this one. Reminded me of Doi-shi. :)

Flowers and story statue along the Flower Road.

A random Easter Island statue outside of a restaurant.