Okazaki: Castle and Park Photos


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Bridge in downtown Okazaki and on the way to the castle.

View from the bridge of the long winding river.

Older traditional looking bridge between the park and castle path. See previous blog for pictures of this bridge with sakura.

Castle grounds and horse statue. The courtyard area is small but very pretty with the shrine, small statues and older looking buildings.

Statue of the turtle carrying weight. Based on Iyeyasu's teachings that life is about carrying a heavy burden while moving slowly.

Information about the turtle and weight statue.

View of the city from one side at the top of the castle.

View of the courtyard from the top of the castle.

View from the top of the castle on the other side.

Train going buy. The main JR station is located away from the downtown core so only smaller local trains come through the city.

View of the buildings below on the castle grounds.

A stone well along the path.

The Noh theater below the castle. And outdoor theater that has been fitted with tents to allow performance in a variety of weather.

A small garden beside the Noh theater.

A statue at the end of the garden.

This was a random photo. A shop nearby sells corn soup ice cream. I was tempted to try it but went for sakura flavor instead..... next time.



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